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Chemistry Faculty

Saurav Sir

B.Tech, NIT Raipur

Chemistry (10 years exp.)

Saurav Sir is B.Tech from NIT Raipur. Starting his teaching career at Resonance Kota, since 2010.He has taught hundreds of students who cleared IIT JEE including Palak Jain (AIR 28), Kushal Babel (AIR 28), Yash Gupta (AIR 163& AIR 1 in KVPY), Kirti Joshi (AIR 171), Sarthak Jain(AIR 261), Ritesh Kumar(AIR-578) Rahul Choudhary (AIR-454).His extraordinary skills of explaining the concepts of chemistry in simplified way rose him to fame at Resonance in a very short period, with lively and energetic environment in his classrooms, and known as “SRK Sir”, he is equally brilliant in all the segments of chemistry- Physical, Organic & Inorganic. Apart from being a brilliant teacher, Saurav is also known for his counselling & motivation to students helping them systematically eliminate their weaknesses.

Amit Sir

B.Tech, IIT Roorkee

Chemistry (7 years exp.)

Amit Sir is a B.Tech graduate from IIT Roorkee. He has reached till interview stage of prestigious Civil Services Exam which selects IAS, IPS, IFS. Teaching has been his passion since his college days. He left his PSU job for completely dedicating himself to the noble cause of teaching. He has earlier taught in various established institutes like FIITJEE. His forte is explaining most complex of the concepts in simple and clear way. He not only guides students in terms of better preparation strategies but also helps them build right temperament for exam through his personal experiences as a student and mentor. He believes in providing customised solutions to problems of students through his approachable behaviour.