Modulus Academy

Physics Faculty

Om Prakash Dhaka

B.Tech, IIT Roorkee

Physics (7 years’ exp.)

Om Prakash Dhaka is B.Tech from IIT Roorkee. A founding member of matrix JEE academy, Om has taught entire physics to a lot of good JEE rank holders including Priyanshu Meel (AIR 154- General), Himanshu Rewar (AIR 358-General), Siddharth (AIR 894- General) & Harshit Soora (AIR 999 – General). Notably, Priyanshu Meel, who scored 316/360- An all time high score in Sikar, was taught entire Physics by Om. Prior to teaching at Matrix, Om has also taught at Aakash institute. He himself has been a meritorious student and cleared IIT JEE in his first attempt while studying in class 12th. Om completed his studies till 10th in his own village and is a great mentor to students who have potential and need a launch pad in form of IIT JEE coaching.

Rahul Kumar is B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur. He has trained students for IIT-JEE exam from past 10 years, with a simple approach towards whole Physics especially concept building and analytical problem solving, required to clear IIT JEE Advance exam with ease. He very well understands the stress and problems faced by students during JEE preparation and since each student is a unique human being, he provides them a unique strategy for improvement according to the student, which has proved effective. "Few students who performed very well in JEE are Rajat Tiwari (AIR-32, General), Mohit Aggarwal (AIR-119), Ritesh Kumar (AIR-578), Yash Aggarwal (AIR-481)." He has always encouraged each student in doing better and believes in them.

Rahul Kumar

B.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

Physics (10 years’ exp.)

Madan Chhaba

B.Tech, NIT Kurukshetra

Physics (3 years’ exp.)

Madan Chhaba is a well-known name of faculty physics. He is an alumnus of NIT Kurukshetra and popularly known as MD sir among students. After few months of inception of Matrix JEE Academy, Sikar, he has patronized the Department of Physics and is regarded in high esteem by students for his sharp explanatory and analytical skills. MD sir is best known for his organised teaching methodology and plans to leave behind the old styles of mentoring by utilising new pedagogical techniques and correlate physics problems in practical way with an immaculate ability to devise solution to challenging problems, this mastery makes the subject much more enjoyable. Overall MD sir is fully dedicated to student’s success and helping them to reach IITs with a good rank.

Rakesh Verma sir, popularly known as RV sir among JEE aspirants has done his from IIT (BHU). He is passionate for different things so, he worked as market analyst in top most MNC company “Futures First” but his hunger never satisfied so, he led his knowledge to embrace the tenets of student development. He started working as a physics faculty in “Career point”. By the grace of God, he is credited with special quality of creating the breakthrough in whatever he does. He became a favourite teacher of students in Physics. R. V. Sir thinks about children to levels of inescapable growth with full flashed enthusiasm and zeal to attain what they dreamt or thought of.

Rakesh Verma


Physics (4 years’ exp.)



B.Tech, NIT Hamirpur

Physics (4 years’ exp.)

Radheshyam Suthar is B.Tech from NIT hamirpur. Popularly known as Radhey Sir among students has been a meritorious student from his school days and famous for his unique techniques for solving problems. Prior to enter in teaching field he has worked as Manager in India's Automobile giant Tata Motors for 4 years and then as Group B officer in Government of India. But he had his interest in teaching from his college days, since begining he has taught many IIT JEE Aspirants and helped them clear the prestigious JEE exam. With his innovative teaching methodologies he keep his students energized so they have a zeal to get in depth knowledge of the concept.