Mathematics Faculty


Dhara Sir

B.Tech, SIST Madras

Mathematics (10 years exp.)

After graduating from SIST Madras, he worked a few years in software industry before switching to the education sector and worked with some of the leading IIT-JEE coaching institutes at Delhi & Gurgaon. He has been a senior mathematics faculty member for IIT JEE at Matrix JEE Academy, Sikar and popularly known as DS Sir among students. He has taught thousands of students and many of them have cleared JEE with under-1000 ranks - a unique achievement in itself. His own rise from ordinary to extraordinary has made him one of the best motivators and counsellors in the education industry for students aspiring for success in competitive examinations. He is an outstanding faculty of mathematics with through knowledge of subject. He regularly inspires students to overcome their mental blocks towards Mathematics and simplifies the subject to an extent that it often becomes the student's favorite subject. In shorts, he is passionate mentor and dedicated educator with extensive experience of helping students reach IITs with top ranks.

Education is the greatest equalizer of all the constructs in a society. Mr. Krishan Sir, an alumnus of IIT Delhi, goes beyond just believing in the line. He pursued Mathematics & Computing owing to his avid interest in the subject and enjoys helping others look at Mathematics as the engaging subject it is. This genuine interest is what makes him popular amongst his students the most, fondly referred to as 'KK sir'. His attitude of sticking to the basics and his familiarity with the perspective of the students helps him bond with his students. He very regularly has been taking classes at different locations and never shies out of an opportunity for a bigger outreach in his endeavor. He has been taking classes in Mathematics, and also has been an academic mentor for numerous students managing it with his regular coursework at IIT Delhi.


Krishna Sir

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

Mathematics (4 years exp.)